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Portland Oregon one year later

One year later in Portland, Oregon

The yearlong round-the-world trip was an adventure of our lifetimes. A lot happened on the road. Meanwhile, back in Portland, Oregon, our adopted hometown, life continued without us: Babies were born (Welcome to Earth, Alder, Brady, Dylan, and Eliáš!), jobs we... Continue reading →
Argentinian microbrews outside Bariloche

Argentinian microbrews: Outside Bariloche

If the awesome microbreweries in Bariloche proper fail to tickle your craft-beer fancy, there are a few great Argentinian microbrews outside Bariloche to be had. Not to worry, all locations are accessible by collectivo (local public bus).Find accommodation... Continue reading →
Argentinian microbrews downtown Bariloche

Argentinian microbrews: Downtown Bariloche

The reputation of Bariloche microbreweries preceded them to Buenos Aires, both by quality and number. Bariloche turned out to be a craft beer heaven, reminiscent of my adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon. And there are, in fact, so many cervecerias artesanale... Continue reading →

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