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Apr 302013
Aug 292014

The longer we travel, the more couples like us we discover or even meet. Like us they dreamed about traveling, like us they made the big trip happen, and like us they document their experiences online. In the Two Toothbrushes traveler interview series we introduce fellow traveling and blogging couples to share their story and draw inspiration from them. If you’d like to participate or know a couple who would, please visit the series page.

Amy and Andrew Blyth are a British couple who, in March 2013, quit their jobs, left their home in London, and said goodbye to everyone they know to travel the world indefinitely. They document their travels on their blog Our Big Fat Travel Adventure.

OBFTA logo Two Toothbrushes: A traveler interview with Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

Where are your toothbrushes and where are they headed next?

We are currently back in the UK for two months following a 15-month backpacking trip around Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. On August the 22nd we’re packing our bags again and heading back to Hanoi, Vietnam, for 9 months to teach English.

What’s your definition of home?

Home is wherever Andrew and I are together and happy. Saying that, I always feel London is my true ‘home’; we lived there for four years before going travelling and I’m sure we’ll settle there again one day.

OBFTA1 Two Toothbrushes: A traveler interview with Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

Amy and Andrew hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand at the beginning of their trip.

How do you make yourself feel at home wherever you go?

We are true Brits and drink tea wherever we are. We also carry a supply of Marmite with us and are always on the look-out for proper cheddar cheese which reminds us of home! Being able to Skype friends and family back in the UK and download familiar TV shows from time-to-time also helps.

Why this trip, why now?

Why not? We’ve always wanted to travel the world but got ourselves bogged down in study and then careers in London. We felt our lives were slipping away in one monotonous routine. We finally said enough is enough and started saving for our adventure, and we’re so glad we did. We have had an amazing initial 15 months of travel and have no plans to stop anytime soon. We will be living in working in Hanoi for nine months though to refill our savings account.

What were your greatest challenges in making the trip happen? How did you overcome them?

Saving money was our biggest hurdle. It took us around two years of hard saving before we had enough for our trip. I took on extra freelance work to boost our funds and we stuck to a budget; we set up direct debits from our monthly pay packets into our savings account; and we stopped buying unnecessary stuff and sold a lot of our old possessions.

OBFTA2 Two Toothbrushes: A traveler interview with Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

Amy and Andrew on the beach in Koh Tao, Thailand.

What do you enjoy the most about your traveling life?

The freedom to go where we want, when we want and the endless possibilities. We don’t know where we’ll be this time next year but we could decide to housesit our way around Europe, volunteer, backpack around South America, or road-trip through Canada and the U.S. The world is our oyster.

Share a moment from your trip that made you laugh out loud.

Andrew getting chased by macaques at the Monkey Forest in Bali. Even though we were careful not to take food in with us the monkeys were convinced Andrew had something and they wouldn’t leave him alone. Under threat of being bitten we were literally chased out of the forest!

 Two Toothbrushes: A traveler interview with Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

Aug 272014

Some are scruffy, some are mangy, while some look better fed than most humans. During our travels, we saw relaxed Greek cats, skittish Serbian cats, and Malaysian cats you wouldn’t want to meet alone in a dark alley. But the street cats of the world do have one thing in common: they look right at home wherever they are.

So here’s the Faraway Feline, yet another cat photo to distract you from whatever you were doing before. You’re welcome.

This week’s Faraway Feline comes from our reader and fellow travel blogger Emily Sabo of What Are You and Ewan Doing?. “Istanbul is crawling with kitties,” she wrote to us. Having spent a month in Istanbul last November, we can confirm this.

cat1 Faraway Feline: Istanbul, Turkey

I don’t exist if you don’t see me.

Are you as taken as we are with the cats of the world? If you have a Faraway Feline you’d like to share, email Lindsay and we’ll post it with a link to your blog or Facebook page. Please include the location it was shot and a caption about your Faraway Feline. We prefer photos that include some visual indication of location (in other words, not just the cat).

 Faraway Feline: Istanbul, Turkey