Traveling the world has a few downsides. For example, the rest of the world does not necessarily share your holidays. Thanksgiving is a favorite of ours, so while in Istanbul, Turkey, we sought out a Thanksgiving experience. A quick internet search led us to Molly’s Cafe, an expat hangout near our neighborhood.

Thanksgiving in Turkey

Molly’s Cafe hosted a traditional Thanksgiving meal, with turkey, sides, wine, and even pumpkin and apple pies (the Turkish twist: a kaymak cream on top).

Thanksgiving in Turkey

We descended into a basement room and took a seat in the middle of the long family-style seating table.

Thanksgiving in Turkey

The guests were not just American, but also Turkish, Egyptian, Australian, and British. The wine, however, was definitely Turkish and plentiful.

At the end of the night, we snagged a couple of books from Molly’s huge selection of English-language books. With Thanksgiving in Turkey, Molly’s Cafe gave us a little taste of home, though our friends and family back in Oregon and California were in our hearts.

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