Where Is Your Toothbrush? is a travel website focusing on food and drink, written and photographed by Peter Korchnak and Lindsay Sauvé. Our focus on epicurean content follows our experience of traveling and making ourselves feel at home through food.

We write about places through the lenses of local cuisine, sampling dishes and beverages against the backdrop of food culture. As we eat our way through the world, we look at the historic and cultural reasons behind everything we consume.

We aspire to become a guide to food and drink in various places around the globe.

Because of our own backgrounds, we start with Portland, Oregon, where we live; Slovakia, where Peter is from, and Northern California, where Lindsay traces her roots.


Where Is Your Toothbrush? started in Spring 2013 with a simple idea: we can be home anywhere in the world. “Home is where your toothbrush is,” went the tongue-in-cheek motto, which expressed our belief that, rather than worldly possessions, home is an idea. On our first round-the-world trip, from June 2013 to July 2014, we sought ways to make ourselves feel at home everywhere we stopped.

After we returned, we settled back in Portland, Oregon, where we had started. The trip, and the website that went with it, slowly faded from our focus.

One thing remained constant: remembering the trip through memories (“Remember when…?” or “Two years ago today…”). And in sharing those memories we discovered something: Our warmest memories were all of food. Wherever we liked the food, we felt at home. Home was where our forks were!

As we continued dreaming about traveling again, there came a time to pull out our toothbrushes and revive this website. The rest is in the pudding.


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