Ottoman Budapest artefacts

Ottoman Budapest: The artifacts

Thermal baths like Rudas and Király are the most visible and tangible and best-known vestiges of the Ottoman occupation of Budapest in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Ottoman Turks left behind several additional structures that survived later destruction and ... Continue reading →
Ottoman Budapest thermal baths

Ottoman Budapest: The thermal baths

Even after countless visits to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and living there for a year from August 2000 to June 2001, I have no difficulty finding something new to explore. On this visit, I set out to explore Ottoman Budapest: the history of the city's T... Continue reading →
Crosses in Slovakia

Crosses in Slovakia

An astute traveler quickly observes that Slovakia is a Catholic country: two-thirds of the population 'belong' to the Roman Catholic Church (I was baptized and confirmed in the Reformed Christian Church aka the Calvinists). But it's not just churches and bell ... Continue reading →
Reasons to visit Slovakia

Five reasons to visit Slovakia

I need no reasons to visit Slovakia. It is my homeland and it will always be home (though since I made a new home in Portland, Oregon, and am now considering home to be wherever my toothbrush is, I call Slovakia home-home). Everyone should visit Slovakia just ... Continue reading →