Hometown Foods showcases the best dishes and drinks around the world from travelers’ home towns. We define “home town” as either

  • your original home town, i.e. where you were born/raised; or
  • your adopted home town, current or past, where you (have) lived for an extended and consider(ed) it home.

We will group contributions by country or continent, with 5-10 contributions per post.

Please read the instructions below carefully, as we don’t have any capacity to babysit you. We’re all professionals here, so let’s get our poop in a group, and do this right. Herding cats ain’t our jam, is what we’re saying (we do love our metaphors, though).

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Currently seeking…

…contributions from/about California, Oregon, and Washington.

Please feel free to submit any U.S. city, we’ll do our best to publish as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions

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Your contribution

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Sections marked with * are required, all others are optional. Please submit both a dish and a drink (if you only have a dish, write NA in the drink sections, and vice versa, but please note that it may take longer for your contribution to get matched up and published).