Cooking class in Istanbul

A cooking class in Istanbul

Feyzi, the chef at Cooking Alaturka, hoists a 5-liter can of olive oil over a pan of small eggplants stuffed heavy with a mixture of paper-thin sliced onions, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh dill, parsley, and mint. The liquid gold flows from the can, coating the ... Continue reading →
Thanksgiving in Turkey

Thanksgiving in Turkey

Traveling the world has a few downsides. For example, the rest of the world does not necessarily share your holidays. Thanksgiving is a favorite of ours, so while in Istanbul, Turkey, we sought out a Thanksgivi... Continue reading →
Travel bliss Santorini

Finding travel bliss in Santorini, Greece

Popular destinations tax a traveler: you bump into tourists all over the place (with one eye closed on the fact you are one of them), restaurants and shops are overpriced, it's too loud... Avoiding such spots would be the easy path, but if you really wanted t... Continue reading →

In a foreign city: Belgrade

This blog post is my translation from the Slovak of my article (paywall, in Slovak) appearing in last week's (45/2013, 4 November 2013) issue of the Týždeň weekly, in the column “In a Foreign City”. The photo i... Continue reading →