The longer we travel, the more couples like us we discover or even meet. Like us they dreamed about traveling, like us they made the big trip happen, and like us they document their experiences online. In the Two Toothbrushes traveler interview series we introduce fellow traveling and blogging couples to share their story and draw inspiration from them. If you’d like to participate or know a couple who would, please visit the series page.


Armando Costantino and Mel Candea have been traveling around Europe in a VW camper van named Mork since 2012. They document their travels and help others with the same travel urges however they can on their blog Westfalia Digital Nomads.

Westfalia Digital Nomads

Where are your toothbrushes, where are they headed next, and why?

We are [November 2014] in Milan for a short break, taking care of some work on Mork, our campervan, and organizing the next 7 to 8 months. We will then travel south for weather, discovering Spain, Morocco, and Portugal.

What’s your definition of home?

Home is where we park. Living full-time in a camper van makes Mork our home, office, and car. Usually we prefer the countryside or seaside to big cities, which we find to be the best way to know locals and understand more about culture and traditions of a new country.

How do you make yourself feel at home wherever you go?

We discover the area where we stay, finding all we need, from a supermarket to a swimming pool to laundry to a nice cafe with free wifi.

Why this (or the most recent) trip, why now (then)?

We move because of the season. Living in a van is pretty basic: summer north, winter south. Plus we’ve never been to Spain.

What were your greatest challenges in making the trip happen? How did you overcome them?

The challenge was to become digital nomads and be able to continue working for our clients on the road. We are now independent from the location we stay in.

What do you enjoy the most about your traveling life?

First is the freedom we have to organize our day: no office time, no rush, no stress. As well, meeting locals and learn more about other culture and countries. And third, being inspired every single day of our life by new places, new stories.

Westfalia Digital Nomads

Share a moment from your travels that you will share with future generations.

Standing on top of a cliff in Meteora, Greece. It is an amazing and powerful location, pretty difficult to describe in words. Almost over the clouds.

13 Responses

  1. Erin

    How cool! I always hear of people doing the camper van thing through the US but never would have thought about doing it through Europe – such a great idea. I especially agree with their comment on the freedom of daily travel life of no stress or needing to be at the office at a set time. I am definitely going to miss that when our own travels end.

  2. armando

    There are few also here in Europe, some we’ve met on the road, some just virtually. For 2015 we’ll reach the full independence with a brand new solar panel system that will allow us to work with our computer and many other gears from our new sponsor Gowesty!

  3. mel candea

    Kelsey, it really is amazing the freedom. Once you get rid of ‘necessaries,’ you have the world at your feet. And it’s inspiring. 🙂 Mel

  4. Bonnie

    I love that: Home is where you park. I think that is good for all of us to think about. It doesn’t matter the location, it’s just where we park it with those that we care about. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into other’s lives.

    • Peter Korchnak

      I enjoy discovering other couples’ definition of home. These guys feel at home where they park, we feel at home where our toothbrushes are—the definitions are endless.

  5. Kach Mu

    I love this couple! I’m about to feature them too on our website!! yay! =) I love this interview series of yours, hope to be featured next!=)

  6. Tracy

    Great adventures in Mexico. I don’t know if I could be as brave as this couple. Seeing the VW van brings back memories. My family used to have one when I was a kid!


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