Thank you for your interest in working with Where Is Your Toothbrush?, a travel website focusing on food and drink, written and photographed by Peter Korchnak and Lindsay Sauvé.

Our focus on epicurean content follows our experience of traveling and making ourselves feel at home through food. We write about places through the lenses of cuisine, exploring local dishes and beverages on the backdrop of food culture.

We aspire to become the guides to food and drink in various places around the globe. If we can help your company/brand in any way, we’d be all the happier for it.

Guest Posts

We wholeheartedly welcome guest posts by fellow travel bloggers.

Your min. 1,000-word guest post can include 1 dofollow link to your root domain, 1 additional dofollow link to a specific post on your blog, and 1-2 dofollow links to relevant non-commercial third-party content.

We reserve the right to edit your copy for our purposes and to fit with our editorial standards as well as to include relevant affiliate links of ours in your story. You will get an opportunity to approve the post before publication..

If you

  • have an idea for a post that would fit with our food/drink focus,
  • have an active travel blog with DA 18+ and at least one social media channel,
  • have 3–5 quality photos to go with the post (ideal format is Facebook-ready 1200x630px), and
  • are willing to promote your guest post on your social media channels,
  • have a 50–75-word bio to include with the post plus a headshot,

we’d love to have you.

Pitch us with your idea(s) using the form below, and we’ll take it from there. Or jump to the front of the queue and submit a post for our Hometown Foods series.

Sponsored blog posts

We consider, on a case by case basis, sponsored articles from companies or individuals looking to publish travel-related stories for commercial/marketing purposes.

All content (text, images) must be supplied by you and approved by us. We prefer for the sponsored story to be original to our website, but we won’t insist.

We allow a maximum of one (1) dofollow and two (2) nofollow links in sponsored posts.

All sponsored content is published using the WordPress plugin Hide Post. This means your sponsored article will

  1. receive the SEO juice you seek;
  2. be viewable to all visitors with the permalink;
  3. not appear on the home page and RSS feed.

There are two exceptions, subject to our editorial approval: Content related to food/drink or content that’s so good we wish we’d written ourselves will be published as any article authored by us.

Sponsored content may not promote activities of questionable legal or ethical nature, e.g. online gambling or tobacco, and may not be objectionable in a general sense, e.g. racist, pornographic, misogynist, etc.

We reserve the right to edit, subject to your approval, your sponsored content to fit our formatting preferences, for clarity, and copy-edits. We reserve the right to reject your content.

Finally, to comply with U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations, all sponsored content will contain an appropriate disclaimer.

For current rates and additional information please query us using the form below, using a non-anonymous email address (emails from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and similar services will be ignored).

Sponsored links

We can also include 1 dofollow link to your website in an existing post.

Please query us using the form below for current rates and additional information.

Banner advertisements

We host banner ads on a case-by-case basis. As with sponsored posts, banner ads have to promote content that is relevant to our readers.

Please query us using the form below for current rates and additional information.

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Other Options

In addition to serving you or your company here at Where Is Your Toothbrush? we’d love to work with you as writers or designers.

Writing / content marketing

We can

  • Write posts for your company blog, articles for your website, or any other online content.
  • Write guest posts on behalf of your company for other blogs and websites.
  • Manage your company’s social media presence, including posting across your social media channels, interacting with your connections (followers, fans, friends).
  • Manage your company’s e-marketing communications, i.e. compose, send, and track your emails using MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other tools.

Design and development

We can

  • Edit your images and prepare them for publication
  • Design and develop your website, blog, or e-book
  • Design your book, report, marketing collateral, or any other print publications

Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you!

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